Refund Policy


Refund is an amount of money that you have used to purchase "Ads Balance" after request to get back any refundable amount you have made using Influence.ID platform. Once a refund request has been submitted, it cannot be cancelled.

Term and condition if you want to request a Refund

  • It’s less than 7 days since you bought an "Ads Balance"

  • Influencers that you approved doesn't post any content at the posting period (All of the approved Influencers doesn't post)

  • Influencers content performance doesn't perform well (Majority or more than 50% of the performance doesn't achieve the performance).

  • You already setup a project, but the influencers who applied in your project doesn't meet your criteria or expectation.

  • Prepare your proof of payment.

  • If you’re unable to start your project but you already have the "Ads Balance", we can help you to issue a refund

  • Refund can be done if it's your first action that you purchase the credit ads .

You’ll usually get a response within 2 x 24 hours but it can take additional up to 5 business days until the complete process to refund your money.

Request a refund

You can process a refund request by submit a request below.

If you have any questions related the refund process, feel free to email us at